Dating can be alot of fun!  Below are just a few tips to make sure you are safe when meeting new people.

•Let a friend know exactly where you’re meeting and the screen name of the person that you will be meeting.
• Don’t have an extra cocktail.  You can save it for another time if your relationship evolves.Online
• Visit their Facebook page to see if you have friends in common or if their photos match the online dating profile shots.
• Set up a free Google voice phone number by going to You can forward the calls to your mobile phone and block anyone that keeps bothering you.
• Set up a Gmail account just for dating that doesn't include your first and last name.  Make sure this email address doesn't include where you work.
• Do not give out money online If anyone asks for money.  Say no and report the person to the online dating site.
• Take their online dating photo and upload it to Google Images to find out who they really are. If the photo has been used before on the Internet, you can find out if their story matches up.
• Drive your own car and don’t get into his or her car for a kiss or anything else.
• Check their Linkedin profile to see if it matches up.

Once you set your online Dating Safety Tips,
go have some fun!

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