Dating can be alot of fun!  Below are just a few tips to make sure you are safe when meeting new people.

•Let a friend know exactly where you’re meeting and the screen name of the person that you will be meeting.
• Don’t have an extra cocktail.  You can save it for another time if your relationship evolves.Online
• Visit their Facebook page to see if you have friends in common or if their photos match the online dating profile shots.
• Set up a free Google voice phone number by going to You can forward the calls to your mobile phone and block anyone that keeps bothering you.
• Set up a Gmail account just for dating that doesn't include your first and last name.  Make sure this email address doesn't include where you work.
• Do not give out money online If anyone asks for money.  Say no and report the person to the online dating site.
• Take their online dating photo and upload it to Google Images to find out who they really are. If the photo has been used before on the Internet, you can find out if their story matches up.
• Drive your own car and don’t get into his or her car for a kiss or anything else.
• Check their Linkedin profile to see if it matches up.

Once you set your online Dating Safety Tips,
go have some fun!

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1) Steakhouse
Men love steak! When you go to a steakhouse, go alone and eat at a table near the bar. Some men may find it hard to approach a group of women so eating alone is key here. Don’t actually sit at the bar, instead have your meal at a high-top table in the bar area.

2) Grocery Store
Men, especially single men, have to buy groceries at some point. Go early in the morning or late in the evening. Try to avoid busy times like the weekend, single guys know that its a busy shopping time and will try to avoid the grocery store. Make sure you are dressed nicely, as there is low competition in the grocery store since most people are in sweats.

3) Hardware Store
Men shop at the hardware store and this is the perfect place where a guy will be more than happy to help you shop! Go early in the morning or late in the evening. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and spark up a conversation.

Other great places to meet a good guy:
- Gym
- Sporting Event
- Dog Park
- Neighborhood Coffee Shop
- Country Club 

I would love to hear back from you after one of your fun man finding visits!  Click here to contact Contact Fun Date. 
Welcome to my website- Fun Date Coach!  I hope to provide you useful blogs and services to help your dating experiences be more enjoying and possibly find the person of your dreams!  Below are a few tips that might help you in your journey!

1. BE OPEN- Often we decide something is not right for us before we even give it a
try!.  Who knows, maybe even Online dating might work this time!  Or, the guy you met that wasn't "perfect" just might turn out perfect for you!

clear when you are looking for the right mate. Take some time and make a list of
the qualities that are most important to you. Also know what you won’t accept.
Make sure your list is reasonable because no one is perfect. With your eye on the
target you will hone in on appropriate matches.

3. LOVE YOURSELF- Often singles wait around for the perfect partner to come
save them. Meanwhile they won’t travel, buy a house or take a vacation. If you
are happy, you are much more attractive. Start loving yourself the way you want
to be loved. Write down some things you’d love to do and make them happen.
You’ll be a radiant and more interesting date.

4 TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION- In order to achieve your goals, you need to take
action. Pick two things a week that you will do to meet new people and hold
yourself accountable for going out. To get the best results, you need to be willing
to put in the effort.  A fun date coach can help you

5. LEARN TO DEAL WITH THE WORD NO- . Often when we are
rejected on a date, we reject ourselves. We tell ourselves that no one will want to
date us ever again and we give up. Being rejected is a normal part of dating, so,
learn to say something positive to your self like, ‘The right person will stick around"
Then keep dating.

your past dating patterns, actions, limiting beliefs,and defensive behaviors.

7. ASK FOR SUPPORT- Everyone does better with a cheerleader or team. If dating is
hard for you, ask for support. Gather your single friends to go out with you to
events. Ask the people who love you to fix you up. If you want confidential
support, consider hiring a professional dating coach like myself, to keep you in
action and on track.

8. LOOK BEYOND ‘YOUR TYPE’- Often we pick the same partners again and
again, even if the package looks different. Try something new. Sometimes it’s
the man an inch shorter than your height restriction that sweeps you off your feet
and proposes, making you happier than you ever thought possible. Get out of
your own way and give someone new a chance. You may be very happy you did.

9. LEARN FROM EVERYONE YOU MEET- Just because each date won’t turn
out to be your spouse, does not mean that it was a waste of time. Choose to
appreciate something and learn something from every date. It will leave your
dates feeling great and you will find dating to be a much more positive and
meaningful experience.

10. HAVE FUN AND STAY POSITIVE- Just because you haven’t met the partner of your dreams yet,
doesn’t mean you should give up on love. Commit to meeting all kinds of new
people. Learn about yourself and find something to like in
every date or situation. Let go of attachment and have fun.  People will be attracted to your good energy and will
want to be around you.